If you’ve found this site, chances are you know about the popular DIY ZazaSlider that allows you to add dolly and slider shots to your cinematography in a highly portable and efficient way… and save you hundreds by building it yourself. I’ve created this site in an effort to condense all the information and ideas that have been discovered over the past two years and get it all in one place. It won't be around much longer as there are WAY too many options available today...so get the info. while you can. And thank you to all those who have supported me & the ZazaSlider venture...CHEERS!

I have also added a new ZazaSlider products and accessories page for the budget filmmaker. These can be found on the Products page.

Detailed DIY instructions can be found on the Instructions page and I’ve placed downloadable PDF’s for you on the Support page.

Please checkout the Gallery and Videos pages to see a bunch of different setups and incredible footage shot by the many talented filmmakers using the ZazaSlider in their productions!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you bookmark the site and check back often to see what’s new on the ZazaSlider front... and if you’ve found this information useful, saved yourself some money building your own ZazaSlider and would like to donate to the continuing research and development of better and inexpensive tools for the independent filmmaker, click the button below.